5 Tips To Protect Your Countertops This Holiday Season

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5 Tips To Protect Your Countertops This Holiday Season

After your granite countertop installation, it’s important to care for your new countertops so they can last for many years and holiday seasons to come. Not to worry—we’re here to help! 

The holiday season naturally brings more time in the kitchen cooking, baking, entertaining, and spending time together. Your countertops will be put to good use and also put to the test. That’s why it matters to follow some simple protective measures to protect your countertops amidst the traditions and festivities to come. 

You can have the confidence that your countertops will be strong and durable with help from Valencia Countertops, and that implementing some simple routines can help them resist whatever comes their way. 

Holiday Countertop Saving Tips

  1. Wipe up spills as soon as they happen. This can help prevent permanent stains and liquid from penetrating deep within the stone. 
  2. Utilize mild cleaning solutions to spray and wipe down countertops, or a specialty cleaner for your particular type of stone.
  3. Make sure to use trivets and hot pads on countertops when cooking. Although most cabinet materials are heat resistant, it’s possible for hot pots and pans to scorch and damage the surface. 
  4. Never cut directly on your countertops. Use cutting boards when preparing meals to prevent scratching and other damage. 
  5. Protect countertops from beverage rings and spills by using coasters.

Granite Countertop Installation

The first step in maintaining beautiful countertops is the highest quality professional installation. 

Valencia Countertops specializes in granite countertop installation and can help keep your countertop surfaces looking their best for many seasons to come. 

Contact Valencia Countertops for your next granite installation project. We look forward to serving you!

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