How To Care For Granite Countertops

How To Care For Granite Countertops

Granite is a beautiful, durable material—making it a top choice for countertops in Hopewell Junction, New York

Although granite is one of the easiest types of stone to maintain, like all surfaces, it requires routine care. 

Granite countertops in Hopewell Junction, New York don’t require much upkeep. But with that said, if years pass and no maintenance has been done, you may notice their appearance begin to dull. But not to worry—some basic daily and annual maintenance can help ensure your granite countertops shine for years ahead. 

Daily Granite Countertop Maintenance

Make it a quick, simple part of your routine to wipe down your granite countertops daily using a gentle soap or neutral cleaning solution. If you buy a cleaning solution from the store, read the label carefully and make sure it’s safe for use on stone surfaces. 

Natural stone cleaners shouldn’t deposit residue or film on your granite countertops. They also shouldn’t dull the surface or leave behind unsightly streak marks. 

Another rule of thumb is to avoid cutting directly or placing hot pans or dishes on granite. Utilize cutting boards, cooling racks, trivets, coasters, and other kitchen tools to protect the surface. 

When spills and moisture come in contact with granite, wipe it up quickly. This is especially important when it comes to water around plumbing fixtures of faucets as the water can calcify and leave spots behind.

Yearly Granite Countertop Maintenance 

Granite will need to be resealed from time to time, depending on the sealer applied at the time of installation and how porous the stone is. A good sealer can last up to a decade if countertops are cleaned daily. 

Select a penetrating sealer to help your granite countertops resist stains, oil, water, and grease. Read the label on the product you buy, but in general applying sealer is as easy as spraying it on and wiping it off. 

Granite Countertops In Hopewell Junction, New York

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