Top Countertop Trends For 2024

granite countertops and quartz countertops in Poughkeepsie NY

Top Countertop Trends For 2024

When it comes to kitchen design, countertops in Poughkeepsie are always a central element. There are many materials and trends to choose from, and 2024 brings some unique ideas and options to implement in your kitchen. 

One thing is for sure, granite and quartz countertops in Poughkeepsie are a timeless favorite that will be loved year after year. These materials are also highly durable and meant to last a lifetime. 

In addition, here are some other ideas you can explore for your kitchen. 

2024 Countertop Design Ideas

  • Organic materials and textures. Design elements inspired by nature are one of the most loved trends this year. Warm undertones and distinct marbling definitely top the list. Also expect to see a pivot from highly glossy finishes to more natural, soft, or matte finishes. 
  • Sustainable materials. More homeowners and designers are also focusing on sustainable countertop materials. Quartz and granite countertops are still the top choices, but you’ll also see unique options like bamboo or limestone. 
  • Tile countertops making a comeback. Because they’re highly durable and affordable, flat tiles without much texture are growing in popularity as a countertop material. Tile also allows you to get creative with bold color or patterns. 
  • Synthetic materials. Natural stone like quartz and marble are a timeless favorite that’s proven to never go out of style. But there has also been an upturn in demand for synthetic countertop materials like sintered stone due to its durability.
  • Terrazzo. This is another way to bring in more pattern and color, and is an affordable option for countertops. It’s most commonly installed with a waterfall effect on kitchen islands and continuously for countertops and kitchen backsplashes. 
  • Go for color. This is true for both cabinets and countertops. Popular choices are bold granite countertops in green or blue shades. 
  • Mixing different materials. Gone are the days of one countertop material for the entire kitchen. Many designs feature two materials together, like natural stone with wood for the kitchen island. 

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