Understanding The Countertop Installation Process

Understanding The Countertop Installation Process

Looking to upgrade your space? The search for “countertop installation near me” is an excellent place to start! 

Once you’ve decided on the perfect cabinet material and it’s been measured to perfection, it’s important to understand what’s to come on the big day—cabinet installation. 

Installing Your New Countertops 

The process can look a little different for kitchen versus bathroom countertop installation, but the basics are the same. 

First, it’s important to establish expectations for if the cabinet installation team will remove old countertops and disconnect plumbing and electrical fixtures. Before that occurs, clear cabinet surfaces of all appliances and items and create a clear pathway for the countertop installers to do their work. 

While the timeframe for the installation process will vary depending on the size, scale, and material for the project, plan for a full day’s work—between four to eight hours. 

To start, natural stone slabs are typically cut beforehand with custom edges and cutouts for cooktops and appliances. Cuts can also be made on-site as needed. Countertops will be laid on top of the cabinet boxes, leveled using shims if needed, then secured to the wall or anchored to the floor. 

If there are seams where two pieces of stone meet, epoxy is mixed in a shade that matches the stone and then smoothed on to fill and mask any visible lines. Carrying and installing countertops in individual pieces is common for heavy materials. 

Granite or marble countertops will also be sealed after installation and should be resealed each year afterward. Quartz countertops shouldn’t need to be sealed or waxed. 

Lastly, sinks and appliances will be mounted and sealed with silicone as needed and fixtures and wiring will be reconnected. 

Installers will have all the tools necessary to tackle any challenges and make sure your countertops are installed perfectly and also leave tips for maintaining your countertops moving forward. 

Professional Countertop Installation

Our team is here for you to carry out all of the intricate steps of your countertop installation. We look forward to serving you!

Contact our team today to have all of your questions answered in regards to “countertop installation near me.”

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