Should The Kitchen Island Match The Rest Of Your Countertops?

granite countertop on island in kitchen

Should The Kitchen Island Match The Rest Of Your Countertops?

If a kitchen renovation is on your horizon, countertop installation near me is likely something you’ve been searching for! 

There are many ways to make your design truly unique, like installing a different countertop on your kitchen island. It can be helpful to have a design pro help you with a few simple rules on mixing countertop colors, patterns, and materials. 

Making Your Island A Central Design Piece

Here are some ideas to make your kitchen island a standout feature. 

Kitchen islands typically face heavier wear than the rest of your countertops. They get the most use as the primary workstation in most kitchens. So if you’re in love with a countertop material that is gorgeous but may lack adequate durability, install it in your kitchen then select a different material for your island. 

For example, natural materials like marble can stain and require resealing from time to time—so use those in your kitchen and then utilize lower maintenance materials like quartz or granite on your island. 

If you do choose a different material for your kitchen island countertop, we recommend avoiding mixing materials that are too similar—like carrara marble with a quartz lookalike. If you’re choosing a different kitchen island material, really go for it with some bold contrast! 

Choose a material and color that stands out, like light stone in your kitchen with a darker countertop for the island. You can tie them together by making sure the stones you choose are either both a cool temperature or both warm tones. 

Remember too that contrast doesn’t just come with color—you can explore various textures and finishes, too. Choose a surface for your kitchen island that doesn’t show scratches like a highly polished surface will.

Countertop Installation Near Me

Of course using the same countertop for the island and the rest of the room can still knock your design goals out the park! But mixing materials is a unique strategy that can pay off in many ways and yield outstanding results. It can also better serve you when it comes to maintenance, durability, and care. 

Valencia Countertops is here to help make your kitchen design dreams come true. 

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